free2surf VPN

The company Free2Surf Industries has its head office in the U.S. Since 2001 the company distributes VPN services, but was initially dedicated to business customers.

Only recently the offer was extended to private customers. The website of Free2Surf VPN is very clear arranged and provides quick access to all important information. It is especially great that the provider offers daily, monthly and annual packages. They have a 7 days money back guarantee for all their products.

Free2Surf VPN is located in San Francisco but they also have a department in El Salvador. The english website is easy to use and youll find every information you need very quickly.

Free2Surf VPN operates 25 servers in 14 different countries: Germany, Panama, Hong Kong, Spain, Isle of Man, Singapore, Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Sweden, France, Canada, UK and USA. Reconnects are not restricted, customers can switch servers and IP adresses as often as they want. Compared to the big players in the business like VyprVPN, that isnt much.

Free2Surf allows Filesharing / Bittorrent / P2P on all their servers.

Free2Surf does not store any logs in the normal case, not even the login / logout time or the bandwith used.  Exceptions are made if a suspicion of (illegal) abuse is existent. In such a case, the provider may proceed to store logs for a short time.