Hide My Ass VPN

hidemyassHide My AssĀ“es Virtual Provider Network (VPN) technology enables a direct, secure, encrypted connection between a user’s computer and a server. The server acts as a „proxy“ which means that when connecting to Internet services/sites the site sees the server, not the user’s computer.

Hide My Ass provides a wide range of free services:

  • Basic Web Proxy
  • Basic Anonymous Disposable E-Mail
  • List of Free Proxies
  • Free Link Anonymizer
  • Free File Upload and Share

Using the free disposable e-mail service allows setting up an e-mail address which will sell-destruct at a date determined by the user. It will forward a message to a real e-mail address to announce when an e-mail has been received to the disposable account.

The free file upload service will allow the uploading of a file of up to 400MB, restrict who can download it and when the file will be destroyed.

There are also premium services available from Hide My Ass. Their main premium service is the HMA Pro VPN. As described above, a VPN service acts like a very secure proxy service allowing the user to disguise where they are connecting to the Internet from. VPN services work with most on-line services such as television services.

Hide My Ass provides their Pro VPN services for computers running Windows, MacOS, Linux, Apple iOS, Android and for Router equipment. By using the VPN service on a router rather than on an individual device, any device, such as computers, consoles and tablets that connect to the router will be connecting through the VPN as well.

Hide My Ass runs servers in 62 countries, meaning you can appear to be located in a variety of countries across the world.