vpntunnelEvery operating system needs a solid and effective VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Networks. This means that it is a network that allows confidential and secure access to remote network resources, via the internet. It connects people around the world by transferring information safely and securely.

There are a significant number of VPNs that are each chosen on their own merits and used because they suit particular users better than others. VPNTunnel is one of the most popular VPNs available. It has been made popular and still is becoming even more popular due to the many features it brings with it. First and foremost, this provider is deeply committed to the privacy of each of its users and clients.

This is shown by the fact that a new IP address is issued every time the individual connects to VPNTunnel and therefore ensures safe, anonymous surfing. Furthermore, IP addresses, times etc are not permanently logged. The provider boasts of extremely fast speeds ensuring fast connections in addition to unlimited bandwidth.

This means that completely unrestricted VPN tunnelling is enabled, so that the user can transport as many data packets at a time, as they like. Proprietary software is also provided, which lets people easily save their log- in details and so on, which otherwise, wouldn’t always work or necessarily be effective.

This provider operates in a number of countries throughout Europe. These countries are, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Romania and Russia. In addition to the already said attractive features, VPNTunnel prides itself on its 24/7 customer support.

The provider aims to provide answers to any queries that customers might have either via their forum, or through live chat or by email, therefore giving customers a number of ways in which to contact them ASAP. Finally, if customers aren’t completely satisfied there is a money back guarantee.